Free Rental Yield Calculator

Free Rental Yield Calculator

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Why Use the Rental Yield Calculator?

This free rental yield calculator is designed to help landlords and property investors estimate the return on their property investment. By providing a clear picture of your potential rental yield, this tool can assist in making informed decisions about your property investments.

Understanding your rental yield is crucial in assessing the viability and profitability of your property investment. It allows you to compare the performance of different properties and make strategic decisions about rental pricing, property maintenance, and long-term investment plans. Our Rental Yield Calculator simplifies this process, providing you with both gross and net rental yield figures.

How to Use the Rental Yield Calculator

Using the Rental Yield Calculator is straightforward. First, enter the purchase price of your property in the ‘Property Price’ field. Next, input your monthly rent in the ‘Monthly Rent’ field. Then, provide your annual costs, such as maintenance and insurance, in the ‘Annual Costs’ field. Finally, click ‘Calculate’ to get your results. The calculator will display both your gross and net rental yield.

Your Results

After clicking ‘Calculate’, your results will be displayed here. You’ll see both your gross rental yield, which is based on your total annual income, and your net rental yield, which is based on your net annual income after costs. These figures can provide valuable insights into the performance of your property investment.

Guaranteed Rent

What is Guaranteed Rent?

Our innovative approach to property management is designed to take all the stress out of renting, providing you with a fixed rental income and complete maintenance coverage, so you can sit back and relax.

Manage repairs

We manage all repairs within the property so you don't have to! From arranging contractors to go to the property to minor repairs, we cover all.

Great Condition

Because our clients expect the best we deliver the best! We keep all our properties in excellent condition often better than when we initially started.

Hassle Free

A completely hassle free experience for any landlord. A consistent and reliable source of income where you don't have to worry about your tenant!

You ask, we answer

No! There are absolutely no fees for Landlords

Prop8ty offers guaranteed rent and short-let management services. They take care of all aspects of property management, including bills, maintenance costs, and professional cleaning.

If the damage was caused by us or one of our clients then we will rectify the issue at our own expense. If the damage is caused by something out of our control such as a storm then the liability would still be with the owner this is why we recommend that all landlords hold suitable insurances

We would be delighted to offer guaranteed rent on multiple properties/entire portfolios so long as they all fit our criteria. We have landlords that have made their entire portfolio hands-free using our guaranteed rent scheme.

We are always open to any property. We are particularly looking for 2 to 5 bedroom properties.

The rental income payments are paid every month from the day the tenancy was signed.

We cover all across the UK and we’re happy to recieve any requests for guaranteed rent and short-let management anywhere in the country.

Our most popular areas include: Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, The West Midlands, Staffordshire and The North West

Prop8ty offers 3 to 5-year contracts, providing landlords with financial security and a predictable cash flow.

Yes, Prop8ty handles all maintenance issues promptly, ensuring your property is well-maintained.

Our experienced team conducts regular inspections of your property to identify any maintenance or repair needs. We proactively address issues before they become major concerns.

Ready to receive guaranteed rent?


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